Consumation of one portion of rice per day eases the daily diet, meanwhile being good for the health, writes “Daily Mail”.

New scientific study of the medical college in Bayler shows that eating white and brown rice eases the sufficiency of the daily nutrition needs.

The leading expert of the study Teresa Nicolas has analyzed the consummation of rice in the daily diet of over 14 000 grown-ups: “Our results show that adults that consume rice during the diet are more consistent in maintaining it. They have higher levels of calcium, magnesium, iron, folid acid and fibres, while also consuming less fats and sugar.” Says Dr. Nicolas.

According to her study is related to the consummation of more fruits, vegetables, meat and beans. As to her study – one cup of rice daily creates a longer sense of satiation. The rice provides up to 100 calories per ½ of a cup and there is no gluten in it. Brown rice is 100% whole grain food and the white rice is rich on folid acid and iron. Both types are rich on carbs, which are suitable to maintaining daily diet suited for weight reduction while also being perfect for maintaining good health according to experts.

White rice will add more than 15 vitamins and minerals, iron and spelter to one’s diet. Rice has a natural low level of natrium and contains no cholesterol.

The study is published in a journal for healthy meals.

Source: “Daily Meal”