A handful of crunch, nuts and dried fruit is a suitable and healthy breakfast for the rushed person. You need to add milk, yogurt or juice and it is ready. One should also not forget the golden rule that breakfast needs to be nutritious, the lunch – various and healthy and the dinner – as small as possible. Creator of the crunch is the Swiss scientist Bircher-Bener – the ground worker of many raw foods. According to him, vegetable products that have not been put to termal cultivation contain solar energy and are healthier. Therefore, if one eats them, one is getting live energy. Today, one century later, similar arguments seem laughable, but not only have not given up on crunch, but also the list of scientifically proven benefits from crunch keep on getting larger, writes “Zdrave.bg”. We present to you 5 of the scientifically proven healthy benefits of the crunch. 1. Crunch satisfies your nutrition needs for the entire day. It is processed for a long time in the human body and perfectly stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood. Eaten for breakfast, it satisfies the hunger for the entirety of the day. 2. The crunch is healthy for the work of the intestines, due to the high levels of celluloses, which is a natural weapon against cancer and various intestinal deceases. Cellulose is the part of the plants that is not being processed. It aids the digestion and prevents from constipation. Especially rich on cellulose are the wheat germs, oatmeal, barley and rye seeds. 3. Crunch makes the mood better, due to the body exuding more serotonin, which eases the nervous system and is a natural premise for the good frame of mind. 4. Crunch is recommended for people that want to reduce their weight. The carbs and cellulose lower the risk of obesity – it satisfies the nutritious needs for a longer time and takes a bigger amount of energy from the body to be processed. 5. Nuts, seeds and dried fruits enrich the crunch with vitamins and minerals and turn it into a really nutritious meal.