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About GFC

Global Food Company, Ltd. is a company dealing mainly with import, processing, packaging and trade in victuals. The company portfolio includes a wide range of rice, pulses, flour, cereal crops, muesli and rice cakes, positioned in the main price segments for the purpose of optimal market coverage.


In 2018 we celebrate 22 years since the establishment of the brand IZZI. We owe our success and achievements to the high quality and standard of the raw materials used for our products. According to Nielsen, the trade brand is more than 80% distinguishable on the Bulgarian market. Through the slogan” Taste that you know” we […]


The SORTE trade brand was created more than 15 years ago for individual inquiries of our customers who want something different. SORTE comes from German and means variety and that’s exactly the spirit of the brand. The correctly selected products invested in SORTE make it different from all the other brands in this segment.


INCOM was established as a trade brand more than 22 years ago and now is one of the symbols of quality standard for packaged Bulgarian products. We use only selected raw materials to support the business in Bulgaria and to preserve our heritage. INCOM is a symbol of national traditions and has been part of […]

What We Do?

The company mission is the achievement of maximal satisfaction of the end user, complying at any moment with the changing needs and demand. The main goal is the creation and recognition of business partnerships, search for new markets and improvement of the product portfolio in compliance with the market development.



We choose the best wheat in Bulgaria


World Experience

We gain experience from all over the world for the latest trends



We work with the most modern technique to have pure products



We pack rice that is cultivated in the purest conditions from Tibet to the Rhodope Mountains

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Our design is coupled with the excellent value

Import Raw materilas

Mar 11, 2018

In January 2015 Global Food Company Ltd. has created a successful foreign trade department, which deals with…

New disaign brand IZZI

Mar 11, 2018

Since the beginning of 2015 Global Food Company Ltd. started work on renewal of packaging design brand…

New foreign partners

Mar 11, 2018

Since the beginning of the year external sales department of Global Food Company in addition to the…


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